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Last year was the first edition of the FunStretch & Acro Together event.
Participants, from fully beginners discovering circus arts and all activities to advanced people learning even more, were all delighted!
As well as the crew, therefore we organize it again this year :) 

Overview of the vibe :) 

Overview of the classes 

Overview of the show!!

What people liked about the event last year:

The classes and teachers were amazing. The location was also great 

The vibe

The program was great, the place too and eveybody very welcome and nice.
I hope i will be a le to sty the whole week end next time. Was a great day !! 

Discover New things ❤️

Originality, atmosphere, relaxed people, art and sport

I really liked all the classes, the food, the accommodation and the instructors and
how relaxed everyone was even when we didn't follow the schedule perfectly.
It was well managed to keep it relaxing, chill vibes the whole weekend!

It was the most original week-end ever, mixing fun, sports, chill, impressive show and positive energy. 
The vibe was amazing, I had no idea I'd love it so much. 

It was such an amazing time, connections, learnings, fun and let go 

Thank you again to each of the participants and crew, you all made it so beautiful!